Our Process

When we work with you, there will be 3 steps involved: Build your inbound foundation, employ the right strategies, and report and optimize the process.

1. Building Your Inbound Foundation

The first phase of your inbound marketing plan is setting the foundation for your long term goals.

This part of the process will be happening “behind the scenes” as you’re getting started.

Before getting started with anything in inbound marketing, you need to take the time to define and build out your ideal buyer profiles, known as your personas. Typically this will be 2-3 profiles that will define your strategy, your goals, and your messaging from here on out.

The goals you set are what will keep you, your agency, your sales team – and your whole company, aligned and help everyone come together as one team. All your inbound efforts and deliverables can (and should) be tied to reaching these defined goals.

Before you can set goals or determine the quick wins for content, it’s important to take a snapshot in your marketing performance to date. This involves completing a content audit, competitor analysis, website audit, and keyword research.

Once you know the people you need to reach, the benchmarks and resources available to you, and the targets you need to hit – now you’re ready to begin outlining your content strategy.

2. Strategies that we use

Now that your foundation is set and your content is in the queue,

it’s time to launch using the most appropriate strategies for your business goals.

Inbound Marketing

Launchpad content marketing

Content Marketing

In the age of the internet, content is more powerful than ever. Empower your audience with insightful, interesting and original content suitable for everyone from loyal customers to people who didn’t even know that they needed your services.

Launchpad Inbound Marketing and strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy & Reporting

As your project progresses and content is updated and published, it’s imperative to review what worked and what didn’t. In-depth reporting from an expert who dives deep into your engagement data and asks the hard questions means better insight, and in turn, performance every month.

Launchpad social media setup

Social Media Setup & Configuration

So your company isn’t on social yet? That’s easy to fix! Improve your online profile by opening up new social accounts and filling them with the content your visitors will want to see.

Launchpad content audit

Content Audit

Sometimes knowing what to write, and for the right audience, can be a real challenge. It’s easy for an inexperienced writer or agency to miss the mark. Ensure that your content is of the highest quality, using the right keywords, looks great and is written with the right persona in mind.

Launchpad email marketing

Email Marketing

Reach out to your current database with interesting content and calls-to-action. Create smart workflows and send out automated emails based on targeted segmentation and previous engagement with your brand and website to improve re-engagement.

Launchpad social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

Behind all great social media accounts should be a team of dedicated individuals who understand your buyer-personas and can create interesting and relevant content that people will not only love but also want to share with others.

Launchpad blogging


Blogs hold loads of SEO power and are a great way to engage with current customers/leads while also bringing in new traffic to your website. Blogs can also be used to empower sales who now have great collateral to show prospects in each stage of their decision making process.

Launchpad lead scoring

Lead Scoring

Automatically categorise and rate new prospects based on predetermined criteria to ensure your workflows and client engagement feels “tailored” to everyone that engages with your brand.

Launchpad social media management

Social Media Management

In many cases, your social media pages are the face of your brand and how your core personas interact with your content and company updates. It’s important that your social media posts are correctly targeted, well-written, on brand and most importantly…interesting.

Launchpad SEO SEM analysis

SEO / SEM Analysis

Every day your competitors are uploading new content, optimising web pages and out bidding you in secret for keywords. Beat them in the race to the top of Google by analysing your current SEO/SEM situation and creating a roadmap to better performance.

Launchpad smart content

Smart Content

Sometimes having one static landing page just isn’t enough. Some of the best companies already know this and have designed smart content to change depending on who is viewing the content and what their goals are.

Launchpad Marketing automation

Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing

The best kind of marketing is the smart kind. Automate your email campaigns, social media replies and schedule content which can save your team a lot of time and greatly improve engagement from your prospects.

Sales Enablement

Launchpad CRM set up

CRM Setup

Getting your sales team on-boarded with the HubSpot CRM, assigning all contacts to the proper sales owner, and ensuring each existing lead has the proper lifecycle stage attributed.

Launchpad account based marketing

Account Based Marketing

Focusing marketing efforts on particular personas or specific types of buyers creates a marketing message that resonates well with your targeted persona. This usually involves marketing automation to reduce time spent by sales or marketing teams.

Launchpad sequencing


A series of templated emails created for your sales team which they can use to target and nurture leads in your sales funnel based on various personalization criteria.

Launchpad Marketing and Sales alignment

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Alignment is a multi-step (and often ongoing) process that can include the following: SLA development, setting team goals, funnel analysis, lead scoring, buyer persona updates, internal interviews and account analysis/reporting.

Launchpad sales funnel optimisation

Sales Funnel Optimisation

With marketing automation in place, many of the tasks your sales used to focus on might now be redundant or low-value tasks. Re-evaluate your new sales funnels to ensure you are as efficient and helpful as possible.

Launchpad sales dashboard reporting

Sales Dashboard Reporting

Your data and performance results need to be transparent to your entire organisation so that everyone understands when things are and aren’t working. Use live dashboards to track sales performance to keep your team on target to exceed those annual revenue goals.

Launchpad inbound content

Inbound Content and Sales

When done correctly, inbound content should cover almost every question a lead might have about your services regardless of the stage of their buyer’s journey (rapidly improving conversion rates). Sales should also be providing feedback to marketing to create the content that people are asking to see.

3. Report and optimize

Launchpad Process

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