Paid Per Click Advertising

Launchpad’s paid marketing team of certified professionals are dedicated to bring you the best results that fits your budget.

What is pay per click or PPC advertising?


PPC is a type of online advertising where you pay the host (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Waze, for example) to list your advertisement on their website and apps, often on topics and interest relevant to your ad.


At Launchpad, our campaign management program brings together industry-leading strategies, ongoing daily optimization, regular A/B testing, and competitor’s research, all with the express purpose of increasing both the performance and the Return of Investment (ROI) of your campaigns.


Our experienced team will work directly with your company to:

  • Set realistic campaign goals based on your business needs and budget
  • Identify potential revenue streams for your website
  • Use our experience and industries-leading optimization strategy for your list of target keywords and bids for best results
  • Test A/B campaigns in real time to bring more traffic to your site


Here’s what you’ll get when you work with us:

  • Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Complete Analysis of Your Competitors
  • Ad Creation & Optimization
  • ROI Measurements and Timeline
  • In-Depth Keyword Discovery (if applicable)
  • Ongoing Campaign Tracking & Monitoring
  • Monthly or Weekly Campaign Progress Reporting
  • Advanced Campaign Consulting (Including Geo-Targeting & Day-Parting)

We optimize your facebook campaign with the right audience reach that gets in front of the right eyes of your customer, at the right time.

Google Adwords brings great opportunities to rank in the first page of a Google search. Pay only when visitors clicked in your website.

Captivate your audience with creative video ads that boosts engagement and awareness.

What Paid Advertising Services Do We Offer?

We can help with any of the following:

Facebook Advertising

Google Ads


Youtube Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

Waze Advertising

Direct Media Buys

Other real-time buying platforms

and Others!

Frequent Asked Question (F.A.Q)

How does pay per click advertising work?

PPC is a type of online advertising where you pay the host (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Waze, for example) to list your advertisement on their website on the search or product pages that are relevant to your ad.


When someone clicks on your ad, you are charged the appropriate cost-per-click (CPC) fee until your pre-set budget runs out or you can add money to it again.


The purpose is to get users to click on your ad and drive traffic to your website or e-commerce store.

Do you offer any guarantees?

If you met a company that does guarantee ROI, there’s a high chance that it’s a marketing gimmick. We can guarantee you, however, that we will only use the latest PPC strategies and a committed team that strives to give you results.

What makes you different from other digital marketing agencies?

Our talents are top-notch in this field, and they’ll work their tails off to make sure your advertisements stand out and your expected results are achieved. We’re not just paid acquisition experts, our agency is also well known for our inbound marketing.

How do you charge?

Our PPC fees are based on a monthly retainer, usually a percentage of your advertising spend (or a small ad management fee).

Feel free to contact us to get an estimate.

How long will it take to get results?

Typical paid acquisition campaigns you can expect to see results in the first few weeks to 3 months.

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